Feedstock And Compliance Tracking System

At the core of Aegex’s success has been our ability to deliver solutions to the energy sector that help increase efficiency, productivity, and safety. As the world transitions to lower carbon solutions to achieve net zero carbon emissions, Aegex has applied its NexVu IoT solution to enable pervasive monitoring of collection and processing of used cooking oil (UCO) collected for biofuel production. The Aegex Feedstock And Compliance Tracking System (FACTS) is a complete track and trace solution designed to enable organic oil collectors and processors to easily track sources of oils. By accurately capturing the critical data throughout the collection process, producers can now provide an auditable ‘chain of custody’ from verified sources to refineries. Key benefits of the system include:

  • Enable regulatory compliance feedstock sources
  • Enable an auditable record of all Bills of Lading
  • Help prevent supply chain fraud
  • Scope 3 Carbon Intensity (CI) tracking of collections and processing of UCO
  • Provide for the highest value for UCO and lowest possible CI

Designed specifically for the NexVu system, the Aegex FACTS™ system is compatible with legacy and 3rd party systems to allow easy transition to a fully-auditable supply chain. Complete with mobile application for drivers, plant operators, dashboards, and analytics, the Aegex FACTS Solution enables a complete digital view of production.

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